Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ah, Mr. Ezekiel Watley of The Watley Review seems to be a rather nice man. His 70-year-old Scotch is beyond compare, his manners are impeccable (unlike his nephew) and we share the same interests: namely, crawling our way up out of semi-obscurity. However, Mr. Watley does not seem to be quite as devoted as I to corrupting the young generation. Surely, as an intelligent editor, he must understand that our purpose is to propagate our views to those properly informed people all around the world? Alas, no. So, I am afraid that Mr. Watley and I have reached a temporary paradox-like stalemate, which I am hard-pressed to understand. I think that I shall just sit down and sip a glass of 1800 whiskey while I ponder this out.

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