Sunday, December 5, 2010

I hate advertisements. They bombard every web-page on the Internet! On some I have seen, there is practically no room for any content at all! Our pristine newspaper has held out for several weeks now, (it was completely worth it to hire armed guards to patrol menacingly at the doors of our establishment!) but every time I publish a pst, my computer says how I need to "make money off my newspaper" with advertisements (we get all the money we need by just carrying Master Tom-Tom and asking for donations)! I am a newspaperman through and through, damn it! Printer's ink flows through my veins! And I will not succumb to advertisements! I have seen comrade after comrade fall, but no matter what happens, Propaganda Central shall remain unmarred by the stain of paid advertising! No, I do not want to save money with great deals on the new Microsoft software!

1 comment:

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