Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ah–alas. My muse, though inspirational at times, has deserted me, even only if temporarily. And so, I have but no ideas for today's article. Surely, there is fodder for satirists everywhere– one only has to step out of their room to find it– but our articles, our sophistication are what put us head and shoulders above the average buffoon seeking to make fun of things he does not understand. No, we will not sink to that level– we will endure, and I will not make fun at every little thing. So my muse has deserted me for now– we can manage, and the public will not be put out by our lack of one post. As a matter of fact, I doubt many of them will notice it. Still, we will survive, and I will not pay the heavy price that comes from lowering your standards. Well, look at that– my struggle with my inner self has just got me an article.

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