Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear God, what have I done? Little Joseph was bad enough alone, but now he has an accomplice! Oh why did I say that he could buy himself a pet? I thought he would get himself a puppy, but instead he gets himself a monkey! Even that wouldn't be so bad, but this primate seems privy with all of Joseph's thoughts, including his fondness for annoying me. I thought I had it bad enough with I.N. Competent around, but now I have to deal with Master Tom-Tom, who is almost as bad. Granted, he is more high-class and squeaks with a British accent, but serves mainly as an extension for Joseph's rule-breaking. Not only does he have an extensive knowledge of how to pick locks, but he also knows how to work a computer, which means that none of my 10 bank accounts are safe! I have had to change passwords 5 times this week already! Still, Joseph is happy, and I would give much for Joseph to be happy (mainly because it means that he is not still annoying me).

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